August 12, 2011

Please Pray

If you are a praying person please keep our Kinsley in your prayers. We need her lymph nodes in her neck and the ones connected to her head to heal. We need the knots that have popped up to disappear. She has two big marble sized ones on her head and some smaller ones in her neck. We are hoping they disappear within the next couple of weeks.


  1. Sending you my best-you're in my thoughts.

    You might want to have her tested for toxoplasmosis-which is NOT a big deal It's just a virus that lives in you. Vectors include cats/cat poop as well as meat (esp. pork). One of the more common symptoms are swollen nodes in the neck. If not toxoplasmosis, it might be another treatable infection.

    Everything will be OK. Rach

  2. Just wanted to add that the inflammation of the nodes does go away naturally if toxoplasmosis is the cause. Again, all it means is that a virus lives in you and that, as you know, one needs to be tested before getting pregnant to ensure levels of the virus are low (it's a huge deal, however, if you contract it while pregnant).

    Anyway, the reason I'm telling you this is out of personal experience. I contracted the virus when I was a little older the Ms. K and had the EXACT SAME inflammation you describe.I'd also like to note I have two terrific kids.

    Rachel G.

  3. Rachel G.

    I will definitely keep that in mind. Thank you so much for chiming in.

    The last time I checked Kinsley the knots were still there so we'll see what happens.

    I'm pretty confident the knots will go away.

    When you had this problem in your childhood did your inflammation present as marble-like bumps right on your head?

    I'm curious about this now...


  4. Hi Angela,

    I had nodules that were swollen on my neck and at the base of my cranium (something tells me this is not precise medical terminology :) ). Nodules felt firm, not mushy.

    Inflammed nodules, as you know, are symptoms of infection so beyond that I think it's difficult to make any assertions. I did not otherwise feel sick AT ALL and I believe most individuals don't (although some do experience flu like symptoms-it's contracting a virus after all).

    Nonetheless, the neck nodule inflammation is a pretty classic toxoplasmosis symptom ( a virus which generally goes undiagnosed). At the time, my mom had a friend recently diagnosed with the same virus so she had a sneaking suspicion when I told her about the bumps. My pediatrician ran a blood test and...sure enough. I had the bug. Who knows how I caught it (probably a hot dog somewhere). Again, cats and cat feces ( and at times dog feces) is also a common form of contagion.

    I any event, I just thought I'd let you know about toxoplasmosis-if it's not that then at least you can rule it out.

    I am sure all will be fine and I am thinking a lot about you and your beautiful girl.

    BTW-the picture of the "running" girl statue with the flowers in her head is just gorgeous and PERFECT for the entry. Which, in and of itself, is very powerful.

    Parts of my past weren't perfect and even if I am very fortunate today, I still struggle at times w/victimhood and depression. You have the best "jolt me out of it" thoughts on the subject.

    All the best...Rachel

  5. Rachel,

    Thank you so much for all of your encouragement.
    I can relate to you on so many levels.


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