August 5, 2011

Canceled Our Gym Membership

It took me under five minutes to cancel our gym membership yesterday. I didn’t know it would be that easy. It’s actually a little bit of a relief.

I was told if I canceled before the fifth of August that I wouldn’t be charged another month. I have an open ended contract that is month to month so that’s kind of a nice little perk.

The gal showed me on the computer that I owe zero and that August would be our last month. All I had to do was write on two lines why I wanted to cancel the membership and then sign my name.

The card was small so I didn’t really have a lot of room to write specifically why I was cancelling our family membership. But I was able to squeeze in: PLF is no longer conducive to our family’s needs.

I looked at the manager and said, “WOW. That was easy!” She was looking at me and said, “SURE. That’s how it should be.” I smiled and left to go exercise.

There are many reasons why I canceled our membership but I don’t think sharing my perspective one more time would have helped or changed anything. I’ve tried talking to them before about some of the issues I have but I don’t think they really care.

Why would they care? They have a business to run.

When people don’t listen or acknowledge your perspective you kind of have to move along. I couldn’t continue the membership knowing that our perspective wasn’t even a consideration worthy of a follow up.

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