August 24, 2011

AWANA Registration

It’s a good thing I looked at my planner today.

AWANA Registration is tonight from 6:30-8:00 pm.

I almost forgot about it.

Hey Charla…I have some pictures for you. There are 42 of them in chronological order. If I see you at church tonight I will have them with me. If I don’t see you at church tonight I will probably see you on Sunday and can give them to you then. TTYL!! :]


  1. We are signing up for AWANA, but won't be there tonight. Matt is speaking at a .net user group meeting in Lincoln and we are going along (except we are going to hang out at my brother's house!).

    We are not going to be at church either Sunday- camping this weekend at Mahoney!
    Do you want to get together some time? Come over?

  2. I wish I could. My plate is kind of full this week. I have a lot of projects around here I need to complete and I have been procrastinating.

    Sounds like you guys are gonna have a fun weekend at Mahoney! I love Mahoney. We went to their swimming pool this summer with the cousins and had a blast.

    I’m really surprised you are not able to log in to comment. That is weird. I have it set so that everyone can comment too. I wonder how come?


Thanks for the comment