August 16, 2011

10 On Tues: Start Moving

1. My advice to others is to simply decide where you want to go and start moving. Do you want a happy life filled with love and stability? Then you have to be the one to start moving in that direction. It’s all about your right to choice. You can choose to live in the past and feel about what may have happened to you or what you lost, or you can acknowledge your past and move on. You can never reach your future if you won’t remove yourself from your past.

2. Everything has a price. For everything you really want, there’s something you have to put up with.

3. Continuing to be a victim is something that . . . people do in an attempt to find value in themselves. The sad part is that their idea of value is twisted to believe that being a part of something negative makes them important.

4. We all have a past, some better than others, some worse than others. And, as children, we can’t control what happens to us most of the time. But as adults, we can. For some, staying in pain keeps them safe from facing the wonderful opportunities that we have in life to grow. Growing requires getting out of the comfort zone [even pain, if familiar, becomes a comfort zone], which requires hard work, and let’s face it – some people are just not up for the challenge.

5. Being the Center of the Universe is a bad habit.

6. FREEDOM comes when I can make a different choice.

7. Love is a choice. That choice can change your bad mood, nag session, or your seemingly ‘bad day.’

8. Life is a series of choices, and the ones I have made, by the grace of God, have set me free. It has not been easy and there are still times I need to shove a tendency toward depression away – but with the help of God and my dear husband, success wins. I try to keep in mind that depression is a form of MEISM and that life is not just about me.

9. Fear of change is a bad habit.

10. . . . you have to be ACTIVE in how you want your life to be – letting your past run your life is like letting a caboose run a train. It is just all behind you.

Can you guess the name of the book I am reading?


  1. Great post. Beautiful image, powerful words.

    I've been a lurker on your blog for a looong time and I've always enjoyed you postings. I am very glad you are trying to post a bit more regularly (no pressure-promise :) )


  2. I will admit that I have enjoyed being more regular with my postings. I appreciate all the comments people are leaving too. Getting comments on my blog makes me feel like I’m not communicating with a wall. LOL. :]


Thanks for the comment