July 8, 2011

Increasingly Frustrated

I love my gym membership. For everything that you get with the membership I feel that it’s worth it. We pay $128.19 per month and have had our membership for about three years. The kids have flourished and I have learned a thing or two about exercise. Many of the adult classes are included with our membership. There are lots of activities for the kids to do that are included with our membership including swimming lessons. There are a few positives but there are a few negatives and lately I am growing frustrated with the gym.

Today while on the phone getting my bill corrected I had asked a question. My question was whether or not we could bring in a small cooler of ice for water and snacks. I was told we were not allowed to have our own snacks on the premises because they provide a snack bar for that and because it would be a violation of a health regulation. Seriously...a health regulation? I was stunned by that response.

What’s interesting about this is that there is not one single parent that doesn’t have snacks for their kids during rest breaks. I have brought apples, crackers, fruit snacks as well as water bottles. Sometimes we have our water bottles and go swimming immediately after lunch. The manager on the phone tells me that is what the snack bar is for. I know for a fact that the snack bar doesn’t carry some of the snacks that I can bring on my own. Why should I order from the snack bar when I already pay $128.19 per month for my membership? I don’t think I should be forced to order anything from the snack bar if I don’t choose to.

They do not enforce this so-called "snack rule" at the pool. In fact...their employees eat right out of their own containers right in front of us. Their employees don't always order food from the bar. Is that a health regulation violation or do they just want us to be forced to spend more money at the gym?

The mangers don’t walk around the pool to see who is having a snack to tell them, “You can’t have that snack here at the gym.” EVERYONE brings their own power drinks, water bottles, energy bars, and snacks to the gym and many devour them pool side in between rest breaks.

I don’t understand what the problem is. We pay ENOUGH money each month that it shouldn’t be any of their concern. If it’s truly a legit health regulation then why do their employees eat out of their own containers with food they brought from home in front of us? It doesn’t make sense. Also, which health regulation is it that they are trying to enforce? I'd like to see that in writing. Wouldn't you?

I thought about bringing my cooler of ice and snacks and leaving them in the back of our van and having the kids walk out to the van with me every time there is a rest break. After thinking about this long and hard why should I do that? Everyone else poolside is eating healthy snacks with their kids and the managers do not walk around telling them that they can’t do that.

I didn’t say much about it on the phone. I just let her know that I felt the rule to be INTERESTING. If I get singled out at any time we are at the pool because I gave my kids a healthy snack during rest break then I think I will be forced to cancel my gym membership. I guess I don't really love my gym membership as much as I once thought.

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  1. I got busted too by bringing my own food one day. I had packed sack lunches for everybody and we were going to stay for lunch. When it came lunch time, my friend got a table together right in front of the snack bar. Of course we're going to get busted! We should've fed the kids off in a corner!
    I totally agree with you. Bring the snacks! Everybody else does! Don't worry, I've noticed it too.


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