July 12, 2011

10 On Tues: Google+

1. I’m obsessed with Google+ It’s like taking Twitter and combining it with Facebook and then some. It’s better than any other social networking tool I’ve ever seen.

2. Google+ is currently by invite only while they are beta testing. Let me know if you want me to send you an invite.

3. Google+ Circles is what you use to keep track of your connections. They can NOT see which circles you have placed them in. Your circles are for YOUR eyes only. Here are a few of my circles: friends, family, bible, bloggers, book club, church, celebs, classmates, government, networking, news, politics, random and techie. My random circle is for those people who I think are interesting that have me in their circles. I even have a PITA circle. I think everyone should have a PITA circle, don’t you?

4. Google+ Stream is sweet! You have several levels of privacy when sharing with others. You can share your thoughts with individual circles, one on one, your circles, extended circles or publicly. You decide how you choose to share and with whom AND you get to pick more than one option.

5. The Google+ project: Explore Circles

6. The Google+ project: Explore Hangouts

7. The Google+ project: Explore Sparks

8. I still have a lot to learn about Google+. There are many things to dig through like Hangouts and Sparks. There’s a chat section that I don’t have the guts to turn on yet because I want to master some of the other things first. BUT, I am excited about it.

9. Here's how you can make a short URL for Google+

10. Here's My Google+

See ya on the other side!!!

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