June 14, 2011

10 On Tues: Positivity & Cameras

1.) I'm almost finished with The Sociopath Next Door. I have one last chapter to read and I am DONE with that book.

2.) We had a wonderful time in Colorado celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary. Our girls made a heartwarming gift for us that just about made me cry when I opened it. Tears of JOY.

3.) There’s a pretty fun game going around on Facebook where you “Like” someone’s status update and then get issued a letter. I was issued the letter “P”. I wrote…Something I like: Pals, Something I don’t like: Punks, Something I love: Prince of Peace and Something bad: Pot (as in marijuana).

4.) I’m in the market for a brand new digital camera. It’s time because there are too many things that are not working out with the camera that I currently own. One thing I have learned is to stay away from Kodak and HP. I need to stick with the main name brands like Canon or Nikon. SLRS are very pricey so I’d like to find something that has a wonderful zoom and an excellent macro. I want to be able to have some control over my shots without going in the red. So far I’ve got lots of great feedback on Facebook and Twitter and am in the process of compiling my list. I would say that my absolutely maximum price point would be $600.00 – I’d prefer it if I could find something considerably less expensive. No offense but I am not interested in a pocket camera.

5.) If you are into photography and take it as serious as I do what kind of camera do you have? What do you love about it? Which brands would you advise me to stay away from and why?

If you have already responded to these questions on Facebook or Twitter I hope you will consider reproducing your response again here on this thread.

6.) I am looking forward to getting out of town again next week. I can hardly wait. This time next week I’ll be at my brother’s house. I don’t know who is more excited, me or the kids.

7.) I think it’s wonderful to think positive so you can be more positive. The more positive you are about things the happier you can be. One thing I would like to note is that if you are not capable expressing moments of sadness or frustration I have to then wonder how real or authentic are you? People are not positively perfect all the time. Life is not a collection of perfection. Sometimes it’s okay to let down your walls so you can be real with people. How can you be an encouragement to others if you are unable to make yourself vulnerable?

8.) I just learned that my oldest is trying to join the Army. I hope she gets in because right now I think it would be the very best thing for her. Hopefully, opposing forces will stay out of it and leave her alone. The Army will grow her ass up! It’s what she needs right now.

9.) I am such a procrastinator. I always wait until the last minute to get stuff that needs to be completed DONE. There are so many things that need to be done around the house. I’m just not interested in those things. I know they will get done. I’m also pretty bored by the prospect of tackling a “to do” list. You should see my list of things I need “to do.” It is LONG.

10.) We got our garden planted two weeks ago. I’m looking forward to all the fresh veggies that will come from it. I never realized how wonderful fresh vegetables taste until we started growing them last summer. I can’t wait! Oh and I have discovered a new guacamole recipe I’m going to try with the girls here sometime this week. YU-UM!

PS. The photograph is the tissue paper that Fiona & Kinsley had wrapped our wedding anniversary present in. Sweetie-Pies.

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