May 18, 2011

The Opposite of Poop

I'm really getting tired of looking at this...

and this...

It feels as though I should camp out in the bathroom. I’m in the bathroom every ten to fifteen minutes. I can’t even be on the treadmill for a long period of time because I have to stop what I’m doing to go to the bathroom.

Everything I’ve had to take care of lately has been planned by whether or not there is a bathroom close by. I literally have to have one in close proximity of wherever I’m supposed to be. What a pain in the butt!

It doesn’t hurt when I have to go or anything like that but I can tell something is wrong. Nobody should ever have to urinate as often as I’ve had to. It’s ridiculous!!!

Today I took myself to the doctor. I probably could have filled three cups with my urine just in the time it took the doctor to talk to me about what’s been going on lately with my bladder.

They checked my urine and apparently I have some sort of high white cell count. It all points to a urinary tract infection or UTI. Well thank goodness for that because I know an antibiotic will fix that right up.

While I was there we did our routine thyroid check. They drew my blood and will send that off to the lab to make sure my hormone levels are good along with all the other what-knots. I’m not concerned about that at all because the 0.1 mcgs of Synthroid that I have to take every day pretty much keeps everything in check…so that’s good.

For the next seven days I’ll be taking one big fat horse pills twice daily to clear this infection up. Thank Goodness!!! I am tired of being in the bathroom all the time. I don’t even like to clean the bathroom let alone use it too much. I think the intended use for the bathroom is to go when you have to go and that should be it…right?


  1. Been there! Hope it clears up soon. Planning your life around the bathroom is no fun. LOL

  2. At least it's a UTI and easy to take care of. Get well soon and thank GOD it's not causing pain.

  3. I hope it clears up soon too. I feel like the antibiotic is working. I just have to make sure I'm drinking plenty of water in the process.

    I am thankful it's a UTI and that I'm not in any pain because it certainly could have been worse.

    Thanks Guys!!


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