May 17, 2011

10 On Tues: Playing Catch-Up

1.) Our Sparkly Easter Eggs.

2.) Posing before heading to AWANA Awards.

3.) I couldn’t decide which sunset I liked the best so I posted both of them. These were taken on the day we celebrated my nephew’s first holy communion.

4.) Snapped this one on the way home from the school carnival.

5.) We got our invoice and boy was it a doozy. All we need to do is paint the garage door, front door & cinder blocks. Then we need to replace & paint the rails. Then we will replace the lights that we had installed on the garage & front porch with much larger ones. Because of the scale of the house the ones we bought are too small for my taste. It feels like we have a brand new house!

6.) This is what the girls got me for Mother’s Day. Pretty cool, eh?

7.) I am looking forward to getting out of town. I can't wait!

8.) Today is Fiona’s last Tuesday as a 1st grader.

9.) Kinsley is all set to go for Kindergarten in the fall.

10.) What will I do with myself now that both girls are about to be in school? The possibilities are ENDLESS.

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