May 24, 2011


1.) We have a mysterious humming noise going on with our van. We dropped it off at the dealership Friday evening and got it back yesterday. They put it up on a lift and everything seems to be just fine with the van including the brakes. The mechanics couldn’t hear the humming noise. When we picked up the van yesterday I heard the humming noise right away. We’ll be taking the van back on Saturday and driving it around with a mechanic in the passenger seat this time. I’m glad all we had to pay for was the oil change.

2.) Saturday was Adventure Day in Nebraska. All the state parks were free to get into, fishing was free, they had fun stuff going on all around town, and admission to all the museums were free for a certain amount of time. We decided to take the girls to the Joslyn Art Museum. After the Art Museum we walked over to Central High School. I had no idea that Central High School was a Historical Monument. You’ll want to get on over there and check it out because the Irises are in full bloom right now and it’s beautiful. After that we went down to Omaha’s Old Market and had some homemade ice cream. It was a good afternoon.

3.) What Is Wrong With Barnes & Noble?

4.) I would LOVE to add some new blogs to the directory. Would you like to have your blog listed? If so, just add Blog Mommas to your blogroll, let me know you did, & I will get right on it! Have a great day Y'all! :)) - Get Your Blog Noticed! We have a Facebook page too.

5.) Congratulations Kinsley! She successfully completed Preschool Aquatics Level 3 of the American Red Cross Swimming and Water Safety program. She’s ready to move into the next phase: Learn-to-Swim Level 1. She’ll be with the big kids now. Fiona is steadily improving in her Learn-to-Swim Level 4 class. She just needs to work more on her endurance and confidence while doing some of the skills that have been introduced to her. Overall she is doing great and Level 4 is a fabulous place for her to be at this time. It’s not unusual for kids to repeat some of these classes as it’s more important for them to have successfully grasped what they have been taught. I would much rather her know what to do if she falls off a boat than to have her move on to the next level if she is truly not ready to. Overall both girls swim great and can do so without their flotation devices. The swimming pool pictures were taken last summer.

6.) A friend pointed out a verse for me to read and to hold on to each and every day. I am grateful. Jeremiah 31:15-17

7.) I’m thinking PINK for my friend Jeanne-Marie who’s having some outpatient surgery on June 1st. This will begin her battle with breast cancer. Please pray for her. It's why my Facebook page is all pink now. Also, if you could pray for the folks in Joplin, MO that would be great because they really need all the help they can get. You can Text REDCROSS to 90999 and $10.00 will go to helping the people in Joplin.

8.) In case you were wondering...I AM FOR ISRAEL.

9.) We’re still working on our home projects. It’s a slow process but eventually it will all come together and be done once and for all.

10.) Fiona has a permanent tooth coming in where she lost her first tooth. I’m quite satisfied with this because it’s coming in straight. Fiona’s teeth are straight now and this new one is popping up straight. I have straight teeth and never had to wear braces so I’m hopefully optimistic in that this might be the case for Fiona.

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