April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding Watchers

The kids went to bed early last night. I thought I would too but then the excitement started to set in. I set my alarm for 3 am and by the time midnight rolled around I forced myself to sleep.

The Royal Wedding

The alarm went off at 3 am without any problems. Miss Kinsley woke up all by herself and said, "Mom...I can't wait to see what dress she chose." Then she ran off to wake up her sister.

Westminster Abbey is Beautiful!!!

As we were watching all the guests arrive at the church Fiona saw Sir Elton John and decided that she liked his purple tie. Kinsley was fascinated with all the hats.

Miss Kinsley decided to sit next to Princess Fiona for all the Royal Wedding festivities. They could not wait to see the bride. It’s all about the Bride and Groom, Princes and Princesses, Kings and Queens.

They were genuinely thrilled for the happy couple and I couldn’t help but think about my own wedding to my Prince.

Royal Wedding Moments

The Wedding Message was AWESOME!! Did you get to hear it? It was beautiful. I couldn’t help but think that most of the world was watching and maybe the prayer and the sermon would touch someone out there. Why not?

William and Kate's Wedding Sermon
William and Kate's Wedding Prayer

Westminster Abbey is a Jewel on this Happy Day!! Congratulations William & Kate!! Cheers Great Britain!!

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