April 5, 2011

10 On Tues: My New Smartphone: DROID 2 Global by MOTOROLA

1.) I Love my New Smartphone.

2.) Verizon, Google and Motorola Rocks!!!

3.) I’m in App heaven.

4.) I have 8 apps that I use the most: Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Google Reader, Bible, Billy Graham, Dictionary, & Yahoo Instant Messenger.

5.) The camera on my phone is wonderful. It comes with flash and all sorts of cool camera settings. When I take a photo anywhere in the United States it tags that phone with the exact location. Pretty Cool.

6.) My contact directory is the bomb-ditty! It links all my contacts I care to keep in touch with via Gmail or any other outlet I may use. I can even hide certain contacts too.

7.) I Love Verizon Wireless! They have the best deals around. Because of where my husband works we get 19% off our entire mobile phone bill. So basically my monthly bill only went up $10.00 more per month and we have unlimited everything except for the 700 minutes that we share between the two of us that we never go over because most everyone we know either has Verizon or we talk on the phone after 9:00 pm anyway. Love that!!

8.) Key Features: Android (Of Course!), Touch Screen, Slider and QWERTY Keyboard, Global Ready, Skype Mobile, and yes...it has 3G Mobile Hotspot.

9.) I am pretty obsessed with all the cool stuff I can do with my phone. The apps that came with the phone are pretty cool too. They are all FREE with hundreds more to choose from. FREE is good!

10.) I have absolutely no room on this post to go over each and every AWESOME detail about this phone so I will just end this post where I’m at. Happy 10 on Tuesday!!

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