March 28, 2011

Wall Drug, Badlands National Park and the Mitchell Corn Palace

On the way home we drove through Wall Drug, South Dakota. We didn’t know anything about Jackalopes until we saw the signs for them.

Apparently Wall Drug is known for their free ice water too. I wonder if the ice is free if you order a Makers Mark with it. Here in Omaha if you are out with friends and decide to sip on Makers Mark you will get charged for the ice that goes with your drink. It’s a good thing I don’t fancy Makers Mark.

The Flying Jackalope seems to be fairly prevalent around these parts. One of these days I’d like to travel back to South Dakota and do some Jackalope hunting. I wonder how long it takes the Jackalope to grow its feathers for flying.

Driving through Badlands National Park is a must-see-and-do while you’re in South Dakota. You will not be disappointed even on a cloudy day like the one we had.

S P E C T A C U L A R ! ! !

It’s Official! Now the girls are Junior Park Rangers for Badlands National Park as well as Mount Rushmore. They had a blast working on their booklets, answering the questions, watching the movies, as well as taking their Junior Park Rangers Oath in order to get their badges. Not only was the trip fun and enjoyable but it was educational too. Fiona even remembered to bring back some post cards to share with her classroom and give to her teacher.

On the way home we swung through Mitchell to check out their Corn Palace. We didn’t have time to go inside. We’ll be sure and hit it up the next time we travel to South Dakota. I am hoping to get back up Crazy Horse Mountain for their annual volksmarch up the mountain in June. It’s the one and only time you can get close to the face at the top of the mountain. I would love to participate in that one. I would also love to see Bear Country USA. We didn’t have a chance to drive through that park because it doesn’t open up until May. I will say that there are some perks to being up on Mount Rushmore during the off season. There are absolutely NO CROWDS. I like that!


  1. One of my fave family vacations as a child was to SD, including Badlands, Corn Palace, and the infamous Wall Drug! A few years ago I did some research about the Native American land issues there, and what I found was shocking and sad. The Native Americans sued the government over the illegal land grab and they WON. But they only won money, not their land back. They refused the money, and it was put in trust for them. That trust account now is in the billions of dollars (from interest accrual). The reason they refused the money was that, once they took it, the lost their right to appeal and try to get the actual land back. I believe that the government and some tribes recently worked out a settlement to use some of the money to help Native Americans living in poverty, but I don't know the details.

  2. I am obsessed with Crazy Horse Mountain. Our Government tried to swoop in and offer up money for the project and “they” said no. Can you imagine what would become of Crazy Horse Mountain had our Government intervened with their plans? I’m so proud they told our Government no and that they made a stand putting principal above money and greed.


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