March 12, 2011

Stop Being a Wuss!

I Love Dr. Laura. She gives good advice. I stumbled upon this YouTube video and thought to myself: Oh how IRONIC! It's amazing to me that there are people out there who think it’s their job to “solve” and “fix” everything. What do I say to that? I say: STOP. STOP. STOP. STOP. STOP. Yes, if the shoe fits then you need to STOP.

Stop Meddling.
Stop Enabling.
Stop Lying.
Stop Gossiping.
Stop Making Shit up.
Stop Obsessing.
Stop the Hatefulness.
Stop Calling.
Stop Interfering.
Stop Ruining Lives.
Stop the Chaos.
Stop the Cruelty.
Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourselves.
Stop Hurting Others.
Stop Destroying.
Stop Stealing.
Stop Threatening.
Stop Making False Accusations.
Stop Talking Smack.
Stop the Abuse.
Stop the Nastiness.
Stop Being a Wuss.
Stop Making Bad Decisions.
Stop Making Poor Choices.
Stop Pointing the Finger.
Stop Passing Blame.
Stop the Stupidity.
Stop Reacting.
Stop Panicking.
Stop Being Disrespectful.
Stop Inserting Yourselves.
Stop the INSANITY.
Stop Avoiding Facts.
Stop Pretending.
Stop Perfecting.
Stop the Bitchassness.
Stop Harassing.
Stop Being Mean.
Stop Stirring the Pot.
Stop Being Two-Faced.
Stop Making Excuses.
Stop Being Assholes.
Stop Texting.
Stop Listening to Gossip.
Stop Believing Everything.
Stop Manipulating.
Stop Judging.
Stop Being Jerks.

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