March 17, 2011

Scooping Poop

Fiona sent Kinsley in to tell me that she thinks she should get paid for scooping poop.

I told Kinsley to tell Fiona that her reward for scooping poop is that she gets to keep her dog.

It’s a big responsibility to have a dog and scooping poop along with walking, bathing, feeding, cuddling, and playing with your dog is all part of having a family pet.

At first I didn’t think Kinsley was going to do any of the poop scooping.

But then Fiona decided to bribe her sister and promised she could spend the night in her room tonight if she did half the job.

We don’t pay the girls to scoop poop. If they want to get paid to poop scoop they can go door to door and offer their poop scooping services.

Now the girls are outside working together and taking turns holding the bag. The poop is starting to disappear.

I think it’s nice that they are taking responsibility in caring for their dog and our environment.

This is our poop monster.

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