March 1, 2011

Lice Lice Baby!

Welcome to this week’s rendition of 10 On Tuesday!

Let’s begin:

1.) Isn’t that a lovely photograph of head-lice?

2.) The story begins with Head Lice in Our Public Schools.

3.) Here’s more on Omaha Public Schools Head Lice.

4.) We finally heard back from OPS.

5.) Apparently they are looking into their parent notification policy.

6.) Honestly, I don’t think they have a parent notification policy.

7.) When OPS does a head lice inspect OR a “healthy hair check” in the classroom they do not inform the parents that they did.

8.) I am now familiar with all the stages of the life of head lice.

9.) It’s official! I am the head lice expert!

10.) If you ever need someone to inspect your child’s head for head lice I am your woman!


  1. That was funny! we had lice a number of yrs back, got it from the Ymca. yep. lovely. it has nothing to do with how clean or dirty your kid's hair is either...they just go where they can...YUCK!!

  2. We are still waiting to hear back from OPS about their so-called policy. I call it the non-policy. It’s pretty clear to me they have absolutely NO idea about head lice.


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