March 24, 2011

Historic Hot Springs

Hot Springs, South Dakota is where we spent the entire day.

We swam all afternoon in naturally heated spring water.

The place we were at is over 100 years old. See how excited folks were to get their picture taken way back when?

When Don was a little boy his parents took him and his brother to Evan's Plunge. Don was pretty excited to be able to take the girls to the same place he and his brother had fun at as kids. He remembered a lot of cool things about Evan's Plunge and many of them were still there while we visited today. All day long we swam, sat in the hot tub, hit the sauna, swam some more, sat in the hot tub some more, swam, and then we hit the road to get some dinner and head back to the hotel. We are exhausted!

Saw a herd of deer and a beautiful sunset on the way back to our hotel. Tomorrow we are off to Wall Drug to check out the Jackalopes.


  1. Looks like a fun trip. We are heading up there in June!

  2. I am so glad that you guys got to go on vacation there! How fun!!!
    Love you and miss you!

  3. Sherilyn, June is a good time to go. There is a lot to do, much of which doesn't even begin to open up for the season until May. I was a tad bit bummed we didn't get to visit Bear Country USA because I kept hearing some really good things about it from folks who have been exposed to Henry Doorly Zoo. So that recommendation in itself says a lot from my point of view. We usually don't hit any of the zoos in other states because it just doesn't compare to ours. But in this case I really wanted to get inside the bear complex and was a little bummed they were closed for the season - understandably.

    Heather, Me too! I have never been to that part of the country and back in the early 70's when my folks drove through South Dakota to get to New Jersey I don't think there was really a place to park and get out. Now they have everything up there!!! It's truly amazing how the project came to be. Even more exciting is the Crazy Horse Mountain Memorial. I am in awe of that family and their stance on never forgetting your dreams. I also like the fact that they told our government "no thank you" when they offered to swoop in and "help" with the project. I picked up a bunch of books I plan to read about the Lakota Indians and their nation. (Not sure if I spelled that right. Too lazy to Google today. lol)


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