March 8, 2011

10 On Tues: Suggestions for Breaking the Enabling Cycle

Gaining SANITY in the insane world of ENABLING

Suggestions for Breaking the Enabling Cycle

Just in time for 10 on Tuesday!

1.) You shall take care of your own spiritual, mental, physical, emotional, and financial health.

2.) You shall remember to express love and attention to your spouse and other family members and friends in addition to your troubled adult child.

3.) You shall not accept excuses.

4.) You shall understand that a clear definition of right and wrong is imperative for a disciplined society. There is no room for gray. Don't make excuses for what you believe.

5.) You shall make fact-based judgments without excuse and feel okay doing so.

6.) You shall uphold standards of behavior that protect your morals, values, and integrity.

7.) You shall give your adult child unconditional love and support without meddling and without money.

8.) You shall listen to music and read books that will focus your mind on God.

9.) You shall celebrate life and love as often as possible, even in times of trouble.

10.) You shall consistently practice the six steps to SANITY as outline in part 2 of this book.

Hat Tip: Setting Boundaries with Your Adult Children


  1. Thanks Nettie. This book has changed my life. I'm reading it for the 2nd time and soaking it all in.


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