March 22, 2011

10 On Tues: Painful Exercise Part 2

Painful Exercise Continued

11.) Accepting blame: Does my child blame other people, adverse circumstances, or even God for his woes....or does he fully accept his part in creating the life he now lives?

12.) Genuineness: Is my child transparent about who he is....or does he wear masks? Does he turn on the charm when necessary to get his way?

13.) Optimistic: Is my child generally optimistic? If so, is his optimism grounded in reality or based on unreasonable suppositions? Or is he generally pessimistic about the future?

14.) Trusting: Does my child find it easy to trust others, or is he generally suspicious of others?

15.) Sexually responsible: Is he sexually responsible or does he engage in many short-term sexual relationships with different partners? Has he fathered a child for whom he must be responsible? Has his promiscuity resulted in abortions?

16.) Ambition: Does my child show any evidence of wanting to be a successful adult? Does he set goals and work toward them...or is he wondering through life aimlessly, with no desire to succeed in life?

17.) Self-control: Is my child able to control his actions when he wants to? Or does he fall easily when tempted? Is his behavior often reckless?

18.) Builds successful relationships: Is my child able to build and maintain healthy relationships with other people? Or are most of his relationships short-term? Does he have a hard time making commitments in relationships?

19.) Never abusive: Does my adult child resort to physical, verbal, sexual, or emotional abuse when it serves his purpose?

20.) Law-abiding: Does my adult child respect the law? Or does he bend or even break the law when it serves his purposes? Does he take pride in his ability to do so?

Hat Tip: Setting Boundaries with Your Adult Children

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