February 1, 2011

Ten On Tuesday

1.) Yesterday was all about the ICE. Today's it's all about the SNOW. Soon it will be all about the WIND CHILL. I keep hearing -30 for us. I wouldn't be surprised if OPS calls it another SNOW day tomorrow.

2.) I got my mammogram results back in the mail this week. All is well in the BOOB department. I am impressed and pleased with how fast the mammogram people work to make sure you understand that everything is A-Okay.

3.) A horrible "cold" has been making its way through our house. The cold has traveled from Fiona to Kinsley to Don back to Fiona and I'm predicting it will bi-pass me all together. Why? Because I'm not allowed to be sick. I refuse to be sick! I have too much FAT to blast off my you-know-what!

4.) I have the cutest seven and five year old on the face of the planet. They have been running all over the house all day long playing. There have been drama-filled moments but nothing too totally off the wall.

5.) The dishes are done. The laundry is working. The vacuum will make its way through the house. I'm determined to get that completed.

6.) Don has his heart set on something with chicken in it for dinner. He'll be up soon to get that going. I don't interfere with the cook's plan. He's been thinking about dinner since before he got out of bed this morning. Staying out of his way!

7.) I'm in the mood for chili. I'd like to get some chili going but will have to wait until tomorrow since Don has chicken on the brain. Not only is Don thinking about chicken he already knows how he wants the chicken cooked.

8.) I know I haven't done a weigh-in-Wednesday or a workout update in awhile. I will post one soon. I've got lots to share with you in that department.

9.) I've been doing a lot of reading lately. Reading is fundamental.

10.) I hope they call school off for tomorrow. It's WAY too cold. I can't imagine trying to make kids ride the bus with -30 below with the wind chill. Can you picture it? I don't think it's safe.


  1. I have been reading a ton lately too! I got a Sony E-Reader a few months ago and I can't believe how quickly I go through books on that thing!
    This weather is the PERFECT weather to curl up with a good book!

  2. How do you like your Sony E-Reader? Can you order books with it?


Thanks for the comment