February 26, 2011

Omaha Public Schools Head Lice

If you have a child in elementary school make sure you check their head daily if they are in the Omaha Public Schools. Why? Because they will NOT inform the parents if there is a case of Head Lice in the classroom. They won’t even tell you if there was a “healthy hair” check in your child’s classroom. It is Saturday and I am BEYOND frustrated by this. WE can’t wait to hear from them on Monday!

I was gonna say that Lice LOVE clean hair and warm bodies. I know many people get squeamish when it comes to LICE or any type of “creepy crawly” but really it’s just a fact of life. It has nothing to do with being “dirty.” It’s about what's involved in getting rid of the little buggers.

If Omaha Public Schools doesn’t think it’s important to notify the parents of the classroom that there is a case of head lice how on earth will we ever get rid of them? If parents don’t know about it they are not always going to be looking for it. If parents are not taking all the extra steps to rid these little buggers and the schools don’t want to talk to the parents about it then we have a problem!

It’s not fair to the students, the parents OR the administration.

I can’t think of a single policy anywhere that would state parents do not have a right to know about head lice in the classroom OR that their child had a “healthy hair” check. When there is a “healthy hair” check in the classroom they check ALL the students and they do not tell the parents.

When Fiona came home from school on Wednesday and I discovered the head lice myself, the first thing I did was pick up the phone and call the school! Why? Because I care about the school, the classroom, ALL the kids in Fiona’s class who were exposed AND I care about their parents.

I don’t understand why keeping parents in the know is a problem in our schools?

Contrary to popular stances there are parents who actually do care about what happens in the classroom.

I cared enough about our school to call them ASAP. BUT, they didn’t care enough about me OR my child OR the other kids in the classroom OR the administrators to NOTIFY us that there was a case of head lice previously!!!

What else does the school have a right to keep from us? Why is Omaha Public Schools the only school district in Omaha that chooses not to notify the parents? What else are they hiding from us if they can’t tell us there was a case of head lice in our child's classroom? I don’t care who had it! I just want to know about it.

And if you did a “healthy hair” check on my child a month ago I should have been told that you did! You don’t put your hands on my child and then pretend that you didn’t by not telling me that you did!

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