February 28, 2011

Waiting On Him

Our family has been going through a lot lately.
It’s nice to know that people are praying for us.

February 27, 2011

Whenever You Face Trials

Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.

James 1:2-3 NIV

February 26, 2011

Triple Dipple Good

Kinsley said, "God is always triple dipple Good!"

Omaha Public Schools Head Lice

If you have a child in elementary school make sure you check their head daily if they are in the Omaha Public Schools. Why? Because they will NOT inform the parents if there is a case of Head Lice in the classroom. They won’t even tell you if there was a “healthy hair” check in your child’s classroom. It is Saturday and I am BEYOND frustrated by this. WE can’t wait to hear from them on Monday!

I was gonna say that Lice LOVE clean hair and warm bodies. I know many people get squeamish when it comes to LICE or any type of “creepy crawly” but really it’s just a fact of life. It has nothing to do with being “dirty.” It’s about what's involved in getting rid of the little buggers.

If Omaha Public Schools doesn’t think it’s important to notify the parents of the classroom that there is a case of head lice how on earth will we ever get rid of them? If parents don’t know about it they are not always going to be looking for it. If parents are not taking all the extra steps to rid these little buggers and the schools don’t want to talk to the parents about it then we have a problem!

It’s not fair to the students, the parents OR the administration.

I can’t think of a single policy anywhere that would state parents do not have a right to know about head lice in the classroom OR that their child had a “healthy hair” check. When there is a “healthy hair” check in the classroom they check ALL the students and they do not tell the parents.

When Fiona came home from school on Wednesday and I discovered the head lice myself, the first thing I did was pick up the phone and call the school! Why? Because I care about the school, the classroom, ALL the kids in Fiona’s class who were exposed AND I care about their parents.

I don’t understand why keeping parents in the know is a problem in our schools?

Contrary to popular stances there are parents who actually do care about what happens in the classroom.

I cared enough about our school to call them ASAP. BUT, they didn’t care enough about me OR my child OR the other kids in the classroom OR the administrators to NOTIFY us that there was a case of head lice previously!!!

What else does the school have a right to keep from us? Why is Omaha Public Schools the only school district in Omaha that chooses not to notify the parents? What else are they hiding from us if they can’t tell us there was a case of head lice in our child's classroom? I don’t care who had it! I just want to know about it.

And if you did a “healthy hair” check on my child a month ago I should have been told that you did! You don’t put your hands on my child and then pretend that you didn’t by not telling me that you did!

As parents, we enable because . . .

  • we have confused "helping" with "enabling" 
  • we love too much, too little, too dependently, and too conditionally
  • we fear for our children's safety, the consequences, and the unknown
  • we feel guilty about things we did or didn't do when our children were younger
  • we have never dealt with our own painful past issues, including abandonment, abuse, addictions, and a host of painful circumstances that have shaped us into who we are
  • our inborn personality traits make us prone to do so
  • it's all we know how to do (habit) 
  • sometimes it's easier to maintain the status quo than it is to change
  • we think it's the right thing to do as Christians
  • we make excuses because drugs and alcohol have disabled or handicapped our adult children
  • we are ignorant and don't know any better
I have not confused helping with enabling. I am well informed on these two terms and understand the differences. I also know through family counseling that as a parent sometimes you have to allow your kids to suffer the natural consequences of the choices that they make. Pick your battles because once they are an adult they have to figure it out on their own. You cannot live your child’s life for them.

Hat Tip: Setting Boundaries with Your Adult Children

February 24, 2011

Head Lice In Our Public Schools

Interesting Fact: Public School Systems send home forests worth of paper concerning the health dangers of sugar and caffeine but are not allowed to notify about lice infestation in the classroom - Thanks Big Brother!!!

Since I as a parent am supposed to check for lice all the time as the school doesn’t have to tell me... what else should I be checking for?

February 23, 2011

What do you think Heaven is like?

ME: What do you think heaven is like?

Kinsley: Heaven will be in the sky and you can have whatever kind of toys you want.

ME: Do you think you will have bee stings in heaven?

Kinsley: No.

ME: Do you think you will have friends in heaven?

Kinsley: Only Great Grandpa and Jesus.

ME: Do you think you will have family in heaven?

Kinsley: Yes! When you are old.

ME: Do you think you will have tears in heaven?

Kinsley: No.

ME: Do you think you will have a good time in heaven?

Kinsley: I would miss my family but I would love to see God so YES.

ME: The most wonderful thing about heaven is that you will see the LORD Jesus face-to-face. He is there right now. What do you think of that?

Kinsley: Uh...okay. I don't know. Cuz I have nothing. Well...I have nothing cuz I don't know yet unless I'm in heaven now.

(I think that's Kinsley's way of saying that we have to wait and see.)

ME: He's preparing a place for those who believe that He is the promised Savior.

Kinsley: Well I believe that he's the promised Savior.

Kinsley: Mom...what's a Savior again?

Hard Pressed On Every Side?

These verses apply to any Christian who is “hard pressed on every side” and “struck down.”

Isaiah 43:2-3
1 Corinthians 10:13
2 Corinthians 4:7-9

February 20, 2011

The Sluggard

The sluggard craves and gets nothing, but the desires of the diligent are fully satisfied.

Proverbs 13:4

February 19, 2011

Are You An Enabling Parent?

The difference between HELPING and ENABLING: Helping is doing something for someone that he is not capable of doing himself. Enabling is doing for someone what he could and should be doing for himself. Enabling creates an atmosphere in which DYSFUNCTIONAL PEOPLE can comfortably continue their UNACCEPTABLE behavior.

Are you an enabling parent?

Following are a few questions that might help you determine the difference between helping and enabling an adult child. It's interesting to note that these questions are not unlike those often asked in Al-Anon meetings when defining the behaviors of an alcoholic or drug addict with whom someone lives.

1. Have you repeatedly loaned your adult child money, which has seldom, if ever, been repaid?

2. Have you paid for education and/or job training in more than one field?

3. Have you finished a job or project that he failed to complete himself because it was easier than arguing with him?

4. Have you paid bills he was supposed to have paid himself?

5. Have you accepted part of the blame for his addictions or behavior?

6. Have you avoided talking about negative issues because you feared his response?

7. Have you bailed him out of jail or paid for his legal fees?

8. Have you given him "one more chance" and then another and another?

9. Have you ever returned home at lunchtime (or called) and found him still in bed sleeping?

10. Have you wondered how he gets money to buy cigarettes, video games, new clothes, and such but can't afford to pay his own bills?

11. Have you ever "called in sick" for your child, lying about his symptoms to his boss?

12. Have you threatened to throw him out but didn't?

13. Have you begun to feel that you've reached the end of your rope?

14. Have you begun to hate both your child and yourself for the state in which you live?

15. Have you begun to worry that the financial burden is more than you can bear?

16. Have you begun to feel that your marriage is in jeopardy because of this situation?

17. Have you noticed growing resentment in other family members because of your adult child?

18. Have you noticed that others are uncomfortable around you when this issue arises?

19. Have you noticed an increase in profanity, violence, and/or other unacceptable behavior from your adult child?

20. Have you noticed that things are missing from your home, including money, valuables, and other personal property?

If you answered yes to several of these questions, chances are that at some point in time, you have enabled your adult child to avoid his own responsibilities and to escape the consequences of his actions. Rather than helping him grow into a productive and responsible adult, you have made it easier for him to become even more dependent and irresponsible.

If you answered yes to most or all of these questions, you have not only been an ENABLER, but you have probably become a MAJOR contributor to the problem.

It's time to STOP.

Hat Tip: Setting Boundaries with Your Adult Children

February 15, 2011

My Husband Rocks!!

Yesterday I had the house to myself for a short amount of time.

Don disappeared with the girls.

When they came home they were so excited that they had picked something up for Mom for Valentine's Day.

Cutie Pies!!

They presented me with:

A new travel mug
Chocolate Truffles
Pink & White Striped PJ's


Mini Orchids!!

Beautiful Flowers

February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Excitement On Balentime's Day!!

The Balentime Fairy

See what the “Balentime” Fairy brought my girls?

They were so surprised when they woke up from their nap.

I think they wore their new Dora PJ’s for two days they were so excited.

Kinsley kept referring to her wand as her “King” — not sure why?

Hope everybody had a wonderful “Balentime’s Day” :)

Balentime's Day 2008

I Have Spring Fever

It’s truly unbelievable how beautiful our weather has been.

All the snow is melting.

Here’s what my girls were doing outside on Saturday and Sunday.

It was 62 degrees outside in the middle of February.
It’s going to be warm all week long!
I have spring fever.

BUT then I heard it’s supposed to snow on Sunday.

Wiggly Tooth

Fiona has a wiggly tooth.
It’s been wiggly for awhile.
I think her tooth will be wiggly a few days longer.

Kinsley thinks the tooth fairy will bring Fiona $100.

She thinks the tooth fairy is loaded.
I think that’s pretty funny.
I’ll let you know when Fiona’s tooth pops out.

February 13, 2011

There's a stream in the wasteland

See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.

Isaiah 43:19 NIV

February 8, 2011


1.) It is FREEZING outside. The high is going to be 5 degrees.

2.) By the end of the week it will be in the 30’s. On Sunday it’s supposed to get up to 48 degrees! Yippeee!

3.) I finished my book. It was good. It was so good I’m going to read it again. This time I will read it through a different lens.

4.) Don has to use jumper cables to start his truck up every time he needs to drive it. It’s making some strange noises. The days on that truck are numbered.

5.) Our van is 6 years old. Our truck is 15 years old. We like not having vehicle payments. We will drive our vehicles into the ground before we buy new ones.

6.) My Verizon Wireless LG mobile phone is suckin' pretty badly. Every now and again the power totally craps out for no reason. Found out today they came out with a newer larger battery for that phone. I'm going to have them send me the new battery. I've already had them replace my phone once before so we'll try the new larger battery out and see how that works.

7.) My SIL has a KIN TWOm and loves it. It has an 8.0 megapixel camera, touch screen, QWERTY keyboard, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, FM Radio, and more! I've got my eye on that phone. My 2 year contract is up in July so who knows?

8.) The neat part about the KIN TWOm is that it's got Wi-Fi. It's a smart phone without having to purchase a data plan. Now THAT'S what I'm talkin' about.

9.) I'm ready for spring! Then comes summer!

10.) I have lots of household projects coming up. A LOT to do inside this house of ours. FUN times!!!

PS If you have a KIN TWOm will you please tell me what you think of it? What do you like about your KIN TWOm? What do you hate about your KIN TWOm? Thanks!!

February 5, 2011

Cute Snow Person

We have a little bit of a wintry mix going on. It’s snowing, raining, drizzling and because it’s in the 30’s it’s not really sticking to the ground. The girls got outside and played for a few minutes in the back yard today. This little snow person is what they made. Cute, eh?

Christmas Tree Box

As of yesterday our tree finally made it into the box.

I just noticed it today.

I thought something was different about our family room.

I wonder if the box will grow wings and fly to the storage section of our basement.


Be Free

God knows what He's doing.

I am not God.

I am a child of God on a journey that has brought me to a place of healing more than once. And therefore, if I want to have SANITY in my life, I must live the life God has given me to live. My life and no one else's.

I can experience grace, mercy, and forgiveness afresh every day as I walk alongside God, trusting that He is in control.

I can learn from my mistakes and stop repeating them.

I can place the Word of God deep in my heart, mind, and soul by fully embracing-if not always understanding-that God has a plan for each of us, and often I must get out of His way and let Him do the work He wants to do.

Every day I have a choice to make...

Misery OR Joy?

I choose JOY.

I am never alone.

God is in control.

Worldwide Epidemic

Lack of boundaries with adult children is sadly a worldwide epidemic. Its consequences can be catastrophic.

Setting Boundaries With Your Adult Children by Allison Bottke

This book is so good that I’m going to go back and read it again! I promise you that it is life changing in the best of ways.

Excellent Book!!!

February 3, 2011


1.) "No." "No?" "That's correct." --Allison Bottke

2.) Lately, I've also felt freedom in places where I have said no, as in, no, I can't do that for you; no, I am not going to be responsible for your feelings; no, I am not going to rescue you from the consequences of your own irresponsible behavior; no, I am not going to arrange my life around trying to maintain an image of perfection. I'm finding freedom, that is, in setting boundaries. --Keri Wyatt Kent

February 2, 2011

Spongebob Patrick Play Doh

Snow Day!!

Fiona and Kinsley LOVE snow days!! They run and play all over the house using their imaginations!!

They even included Sushi in their game of “Exploration.”

Kinsley is showing off her back pack before they depart on their journey out into the wilderness.

Ouch!! Kinsley got her thumb smashed. Poor thing has a blood blister.

It sure is BRIGHT outside!! Thank God for the SUN.

Measuring Up

Let's see where I'm at today, shall we?

  • Weight: 165 (down 5 lbs)
  • Size: 14/12 (starting to need a belt)
  • Chest: 39" (the same)
  • Shoulders: 40" (-2.0)
  • Left Bicep: 12" (the same)
  • Right Bicep: 12" (-0.5)
  • Neck: 13" (the same)
  • Waste/Stomach: 35.5 (-0.5)
  • Hips/Butt: 41.5" (-0.5)
  • Left Upper Thigh: 25" (-1.0)
  • Right Upper Thigh: 25" (the same)
  • Calves: 15" (-0.5)
Total inches lost since October 2010: 5 inches
Total inches lost since December 2009: 26 inches
Start Weight: 190 lbs
Current Weight: 165 lbs
Total Weight Lost: 25 lbs
My Goal Weight: 135 lbs
I have 30 lbs left to lose!!!

Ever since I started tracking my food and exercise on LoseIt.com I have lost 10 lbs since January 17, 2011. Personally, I think that's incredible because I've been on this weight loss journey for quite some time.

When I started LoseIt.com I created a goal of losing 40 lbs. Today LoseIt.com is telling me I will reach my goal of losing 40 lbs. on Sep 1, 2011. Originally LoseIt.com had predicted some time frame in October and already I've bumped it up one month. I'm planning to bump that up even more. I want to beat the LoseIt.com formula!!! I know I can do it!!!

I keep including the URL because I want more of my friends who are trying to lose weight too to join LoseIt.com and add me as their friend on there so we can encourage each other. It's been such a blessing to have my sister-in-law and a few others on there. It's fun to receive the encouragement and to give it. You can find me doing a search for Omaha, Nebraska and plugging in my name. Hope to see you on there!!!

February 1, 2011

Ten On Tuesday

1.) Yesterday was all about the ICE. Today's it's all about the SNOW. Soon it will be all about the WIND CHILL. I keep hearing -30 for us. I wouldn't be surprised if OPS calls it another SNOW day tomorrow.

2.) I got my mammogram results back in the mail this week. All is well in the BOOB department. I am impressed and pleased with how fast the mammogram people work to make sure you understand that everything is A-Okay.

3.) A horrible "cold" has been making its way through our house. The cold has traveled from Fiona to Kinsley to Don back to Fiona and I'm predicting it will bi-pass me all together. Why? Because I'm not allowed to be sick. I refuse to be sick! I have too much FAT to blast off my you-know-what!

4.) I have the cutest seven and five year old on the face of the planet. They have been running all over the house all day long playing. There have been drama-filled moments but nothing too totally off the wall.

5.) The dishes are done. The laundry is working. The vacuum will make its way through the house. I'm determined to get that completed.

6.) Don has his heart set on something with chicken in it for dinner. He'll be up soon to get that going. I don't interfere with the cook's plan. He's been thinking about dinner since before he got out of bed this morning. Staying out of his way!

7.) I'm in the mood for chili. I'd like to get some chili going but will have to wait until tomorrow since Don has chicken on the brain. Not only is Don thinking about chicken he already knows how he wants the chicken cooked.

8.) I know I haven't done a weigh-in-Wednesday or a workout update in awhile. I will post one soon. I've got lots to share with you in that department.

9.) I've been doing a lot of reading lately. Reading is fundamental.

10.) I hope they call school off for tomorrow. It's WAY too cold. I can't imagine trying to make kids ride the bus with -30 below with the wind chill. Can you picture it? I don't think it's safe.