January 20, 2011

Pop A Lock Bobby Pins

ME: The girls figured out how to pop a lock open with a bobby pin and now they are practicing. Go Figure!?

Mark: Future Watergate burglars, I'm sure. ;)

ME: Ha Ha Ha!!

Maria: What kind of kids are you raising????? Just kidding. Now if you are ever locked out of the house you know who to call :)

ME: I know! My kids know how to pick locks with bobby pins! lol

Mark: is still amazed that you have bobby pins in your house! Thought bobby pins went out with hot curlers and teased-up beehives! ;)

ME: Mark...the bobby pins belong to my oldest daughter Lauren! lol

Mark: Are they antiques??? Or can you actually still buy them? :P

ME: Ha ha ha! lol

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