January 7, 2011

Beautiful Owls

I keep dreaming about these beautiful creatures.
I had a dream about owls last night.
My dream was quite vivid.
There was a lot of conversation.
The owls were talking to me.
I can't remember what they were telling me.

I know that I have been surrounded by owls lately.
A friend of mine rescues owls.

Another friend of mine themed out her profile with owls.

Owls have been in the movies.
Owls are on our clothes at Old Navy.

I know that Owls are connected to being "wise" and having lots of "wisdom."

Proverbs is full of bible verses about wisdom.

What is it with owls?
What does it mean?

Sometimes I wonder if God is trying to tell me something.

I wonder if He tries to speak to us in our dreams?

Maybe I'm supposed to go back to school?

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