November 9, 2010

Ten On Tuesday

1. I received a horrible text message from a stranger on my cell phone. It was so bad that I called the police and filed a report. The police are investigating it and hopefully will find the culprit.

2. We have some extracurricular activities going on in our neighborhood. Three times in one week of young people coming home after last call, screaming, yelling and fighting in the middle of the street. Because we live in a nice neighborhood I waited until the 3rd incident to call the police. You can bet I will not be waiting if this activity continues. I will call the police each and every time. Watch Me!

3. Rick Warren has some of the best tweets on twitter these days. He is constantly tweeting things that make people think! If you’re on twitter you can follow me here ----->@Divapalooza

4. Rick Warren: Matt 13 NOT YOUR JOB to discern the weeds from wheat in God’s field! Don't play God! You should be sowing & cultivating instead!

5. Rick Warren: Before there can be reconciliation both sides must feel that their perspective and feelings have been understood.

6. Rick Warren: Never presume that you understand the silence of another person. Only they know what they are thinking.

7. I’ve been busy moving stuff around concerning my blogs. If you want to keep up with it you’ll want to note my new blog addresses:,,, and

8. I like that I can have an actual www on blogspot and am so happy with the new blogspot blogs that I don’t think I will ever go back to wordpress blogs. Don’t get me wrong, wordpress is great but I am tired of having to pay for hosting when blogspot blogs are FREE. I’m also tired of having to do updates over and over again due to wordpress always having to constantly update. The new templates on blogger blogs are fresh and clean and I Love IT!

9. Sushi gets her heart-worm pill today.

10. I love my family and my friends. Thank you for loving me back even when I’m not the most lovable.


  1. :) - great 10 on Tuesday! Wow, let me know what happens about the cell phone thing!

  2. It turns out that a report has been filed. If I receive any more text messages like the ones that I got they will go after the individual. Unfortunately because I don’t know who the person is they cannot really do anything at this point in time. BUT, at least now they have everything on file.

    I did instruct Verizon Wireless to put a block on the number for me. The block will cease after January 2011 so hopefully that will help. In the meantime I think I’m going to be on the hunt for a phone that will allow me block numbers without having to call Verizon Wireless.

    I also installed the city and state ID feature so that when people call me I will know where the person is calling from no matter what phone they are using. I thought that was a neat feature. It’s only $1.00 or $2.00 extra per/month.


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