November 16, 2010

Ten On Tuesday

1. I am sick. I’ve been going downhill since last Friday. I have a doctor’s appointment today so hopefully my doctor can hook me up. I’m pretty sure I have a sinus infection.

2. I was going to try and decorate our tree in the front yard with Christmas lights today because it will be in the warm 50’s. That’s not going to happen. I don’t feel like it. Instead, I will wait until Friday to give this a try. It is supposed to be slightly warmer anyway around 52 degrees.

3. This year Christmas is going up EARLY. I would like to have the house decorated for Christmas before Thanksgiving.

4. We are super busy this time of the year. Not only are we gearing up for Thanksgiving and Christmas but we also gear up for Kinsley and Fiona’s birthdays! We know Fiona wants to celebrate with friends but we haven’t figured out the venue yet. I know she would LOVE to celebrate at Pump It Up but she keeps changing her mind.

5. We haven’t figured out what we are doing for Kinsley’s birthday yet. We usually just celebrate with our immediate family so we’ll have to see how it all works out.

6. Check out Tuesday’s Tip Jar over on Blog Mommas because #7 corresponds with that tip. Yes, I wrote the Tuesday Tip over on Blog Mommas. Did you know that Blog Mommas belongs to me? If you have a blog and you know this OR just figured this out – what are you waiting for? Join the blog directory! It’s easy. All you do is link to Blog Mommas and then let me know that you did and I add you, introduce you, and you go in for the Blog of the Week drawing. Easy as Apple Pie! Yum!

7. We talked about the NVO lights for today’s Tuesday Tip Jar. So here’s what the Tree looks like:

It’s a Jaclyn Smith 7.5ft Madison with Clear Lights. We found our on sale at Big K. The lights are NVO lights which means they are Never Out Lights. Why is this important? Because most pre-lit Christmas Trees don’t have the Never Out Lights. When a light goes out the entire section of lights goes out and it’s a big hassle to try and figure out which bulb needs to be replaced.

Our new Christmas Tree also comes with a rotating stand. I’m excited about this because #1 it’s so super quiet you could hear a pin drop and #2 I will finally be able to decorate the entire tree to include the back of the Christmas tree!

8. Christmas is my FAVORITE Holiday! I feel blessed that both of my girls were born around this time. What a wonderful gift to receive just in time for the Holidays!

9. Birthdays are FUN for me because all the Birthday fun starts in August. Don’s birthday is in August, Lauren’s birthday is in October, Kinsley’s birthday is in November and Fiona’s birthday is in December. So we have August, October, November, December and then mine hits in March. Fun Fun Fun!

10. I will take a picture of our tree and share it with you when we are done decorating.


  1. Pump it Up sounds awesome! I want my bday party there! Hehe

  2. You are my March birthday buddy, then! :) Yay! What day? I came into this world on the 25th. Great post!

  3. Thanks for all the comment LOVE! I LOVE getting comments! :]


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