October 19, 2010

Ten On Tuesday

1.) I am Loving this Ten On Tuesday Blog Meme.

2.) Kinsley is Loving Cubbies this year. She is doing Great w/her verses!

3.) Fiona is Loving Sparks this year. She is doing Great w/her verses. We are learning just a few verses at a time. We spend a lot more time reading and discussing the Bible stories, which in my eyes is more important than memorization. Slow and steady is fine with us.

4.) I am Thankful that my girls are respectful of other grown-ups and authority figures. They are both good girls and I couldn't be more proud!!

5.) We don't have school on Thursday and Friday due to Parent Teacher Conferences. This will give us a four day weekend. I'm excited about that!!

6.) On Thursday we have Parent Teacher Conferences. I will be attending that with my girls. Don won't be able to make it because he will be out of town. Who knows, we may shop for Halloween costumes that day.

7.) Friday we have our last neighborhood movies in the park event. I think we are going to go to that one. We have had tons of fun going to these events. I really love my neighborhood. Our neighborhood association fees are affordable at only $50.00 p/year and they provide so much for our families to see, do and enjoy. I could not have asked for a better neighborhood to live in.

8.) Friday we are getting our flu shots! This year they have combined the swine flu vaccine with the shot. That is how the nurse explained it. I'm so glad too. I had the swine flu last year and missed out on all of the Halloween festivities. Swine Flu is not fun at all.

9.) Swim Lessons are going Fabulously!! Kinsley can now swim without a flotation device! That is so important. Next summer I think both my girls are going to be ALL over the swimming pool and up and down the water slide. I'm so proud of them that they can swim.

10.) I'm looking forward to all the Fall/Halloween festivities that will be going on in our neighborhood this weekend. There are two events we are thinking of attending. Who knows, the cousins may join us too!!

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