October 22, 2010

Flu Shots

We went and got our flu shots this morning: Me, Kinsley and Fiona. I told them about this a week ago so they would have time to process the information. They asked me if it would hurt. I told them no not really. I let them know they could look away if they wanted to and afterward we would do something fun!

Well, I think they were in shock because the shots didn't hurt at all. They were kind of questioning the fact that they could not even feel it. That's how wonderful our nurse was. She also did this little trick where she would start to count and instead of waiting until the #3 she would immediately stick the needle in real quick as soon as she said the #1 so that they were unable to really expect it.

Fiona went first. Kinsley insisted I go next so I did. I went second. Kinsley went last. She tried to suck her thumb but we explained to her that she needed to relax her arm. So I helped her with that and she stuck her head into my arms for some comfort. When she lifted her head up it was already over. Again, there was an expectation of, "why didn't that hurt?"

Now we are all set for swine and flu season. I got the swine flu last year and will tell you it was not fun. I was in bed for almost a week and nobody could come around me. I had difficulty breathing. I don't want that again and if it does come again at least I will be prepared to fight this thing off. We will all be ready now.

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