October 28, 2010

Fiona is in the Hospital

Before you begin to read this post I just want to let you know that Fiona is Not in the hospital. Fiona is just fine. I am recalling a post I had written on July 28, 2007 and wanted to record it so I wouldn't forget it.

She has pneumonia and it’s pretty complicated right now. She was admitted into the hospital yesterday afternoon after taking her to the doctor. She has had fever ranging from 101 to 105 all week and we couldn’t seem to keep it under control so we finally took her in. They did a chest x-ray and tested her oxygen level in the office. That’s when they made the determination that she needed to be admitted. I knew something was wrong when they tested her oxygen level because they don’t normally do that unless they see something in the x-ray. (which they did)

Today was day two at the hospital. They are taking really good care of her. They have her hooked up to an oxygen machine and her IV has antibiotics going in along with the usual stuff that is supposed to keep her hydrated and healthy. They tested her blood for some sort of inflammation level and I guess 375 is sky high.. so she is going to be in the hospital for sure all weekend. She won’t be able to come home until she can go for 24 hours without a fever and that inflammation number I was telling you about has to go down - A LOT.

I’m hoping to report back with improvements the next time I let y’all know what’s going on. The only people that really knew she was in the hospital were the those we had the chance to talk to. Otherwise it’s been so crazy around here between taking turns. Oh and Kinsley and I both got checked out at the doc’s office the same day. Kinsley has Croup and I have some sort of stomach virus. Come to find out the Effexor that I’m taking intensifies things when I’m sick. I also find out that it’s the Effexor that is causing me to stay up at night. So now I just have to figure out a routine of taking it in the morning instead of at night.

Please pray for Fiona. She’s lost so much weight. Her eyes are sunken and her little body looks so small and frail. She’s got all sorts of stuff inside of her right lung. She’s going to have more x-rays and blood work tomorrow. Poor thing, they had to stick her five times to get the IV in. Please just pray for her.. and if you are a loved one and close friend I’m sorry I have not had a chance to call you. Like I said.. we are all sick and between trying to get sleep and taking turns at the hospital it’s been nuts.

Just pray, ok?

July 28, 2007

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