October 5, 2010

11 On Tuesday

1.) 1 John 2:22, 1 Corinthians 3:11, Colossians 1:15-16, John 1:14, Acts 4:12 -- These are great verses to have handy whenever you feel the enemy is trying to tempt you.

2.) I’m not actually trying to change 10 on Tuesday. I like 10 on Tuesday just the way it is. I just felt that 11 on Tuesday would be appropriate today.

3.) I am done participating in PTA fundraisers at school. I forgot to pick up my refrigerated item this week. I was off by 1 day. The school sent my 1 item back to the warehouse. It’s just not worth the effort to try and sell when I can just as easily write a check.

4.) If I get one more Jesse Jackson parenting quote in my PTA newsletter I may have to say something.

5.) Fiona is sick. She was sick with a fever all weekend and she had a fever when I took her to the doctor yesterday. I kept her home yesterday and today. She will go back to school tomorrow.

6.) After 9 years of putting up with the horrible customer service in the Pharmacy at Walgreens I finally switched to CVS. Yay!!

7.) I have been doing my Jillian Michael’s 30 day shred. I started on October 1st and I am feeling very motivated to keep going until I reach my goal. I am going to add Treadmill work to the routine. I’m pretty sure I will run/walk in the morning and then work the routine in the afternoon or at night after the kids go to bed. I really feel that will mix things up for me. BTW, I’m feeling Great!

8.) My oldest turns 19 tomorrow. I cannot believe she is going to be 19 years old. One more year and she will be into the 20-somethings!! That’s crazy!!

9.) My Dad and Brother are driving up from Texas on Thursday to visit us here in Omaha!! This is going to be a treat because we don’t normally get to see each other more than once a year or once every other year. They have never visited Omaha during fall weather so I am excited for them to see the brilliance of fall in Nebraska!!

10.) I am behind in blogging, cleaning, errands… EVERYTHING!! I have to laugh because I’m always behind but I know that it’s my own fault. I know what I need to do. I just have to DO IT.

11.) Fiona’s strep test came back negative yesterday but her throat looked so bad and she’s had so much trouble that he recommended looking into possibly having her tonsils taken out. So far she is doing much better today. She doesn’t have a fever and the medicine the doctor prescribed seems to be helping. It takes 48 hours to grow the throat culture. He told me yesterday he wouldn’t be surprised if her test results were a false negative. Because of that I kept her home from school today. As for her tonsils...I think we will wait on that and see if she continues to get sick with them.

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