September 6, 2010

You only have one life to live

I guess I don’t really know where to begin. Do you ever start thinking about something and all the thoughts come at once, rushing into your head like raged bees after their stolen honey? That happens a lot to me.

Life is so complicated. You have the good things and the bad, the fun things and the sad. There are relationships to maintain and the crazy love concept that no one can seem to figure out. There are things that keep us going and things that bring us crashing down. In those moments most people would like to look at their family for help and support, right? What happens though when your family has seemed to disappear from your life? I think everyone can say they have been in a fight with at least one family member in their lifetime. You say things that you do not mean.. which leads to doing things you do not mean.. which leads to a broken relationship. Yeah there is a term, “Forgive and Forget.” But I really don’t think that it is humanly possible to “Forget.” You can only forgive. That term only helps if both people forgive each other.

People these days are so stubborn and so caught up in their own shoes. Would it hurt to place yourself in another person’s shoes? It might be surprising what you would find. People get hurt from their families and loved ones every day. I look at it this way. You only live ONE life on earth. That is it! Shouldn’t we all make the best of it? Anyone of us could die tomorrow.

I guess everything happens for a reason. I just wish the fighting would stop. Ha But doesn’t everyone wish for that? It seems so simple to say it. I guess when it comes to actually doing it.. THAT becomes the hard part. Everyone is human. We all make mistakes. But we should all try to learn from our mistakes right? Learn to accept people for how they are. Usually you can not change them.


June 2007

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