September 4, 2010

They Say the Cutest Things

I think I’m going to have to look for the old baby books that I have stashed somewhere in my basement. I have one that is geared for kids that are asking questions about how babies are made and where they come from. Fiona has been asking a lot of questions.

My first instinct is to allow her to ask the question and then followup with questions of my own to sort of drag it out so I can see if this is something that she really wants to know about or if she’s just kind of repeating what she heard somebody else say. I think at age six it’s ok to drag it out a little bit. After all, she is still little.

I have a friend (hi friend! you know who you are!) that is pregnant and due in June. Fiona is tickled pink about it to the point where she is asking about my friend every day. She wants to know how the baby is doing and how did the baby get in my friend’s tummy. She keeps saying things like, “But how Mom?”

So I told her that I had a baby book that I needed to dig out of a closet somewhere and we would sit and read it together. Seriously, I said that to her just to buy some time. I will look for the book but I won’t bring it up unless and until she asks me about it again. Like I said, she is still little.

Kinsley said the cutest thing today. She said, “Mom..I’m a good girl. Did I choose a perfect outfit?”

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