September 28, 2010

Ten On Tuesday

1.) My nephew turned seven last Thursday and we celebrated his birthday this weekend. I can’t believe he is seven years old. All the cousins are growing up so fast!

2.) People sent in a ton of stuff for my 9/11 Never Forget page over on my other blog Domestic Divapalooza. I am pleased to announce that this will be a permanent fixture on that blog and I will focus on nothing but 9/11 stories in the month of September for years to come. People can share their stories and have me post them any time they want to throughout the years as well.

3.) Last Friday Don took a personal day and we had a lot of fun as a family. We started our adventure downtown in the Old Market, worked our way over to Kenefick Park, spent the entire afternoon outside enjoying Lauritzen Gardens, and then finished up the day by going to see the new movie Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole.

4.) Yesterday the girls didn’t have school and Grandma didn’t have to work so we decided to meet and have lunch at the Henry Doorly Zoo. This was a fun day for all of us and especially for Grandma because she had not been in the Butterfly House, the Madagascar Exhibit or the Desert Dome.

5.) If this came home with your first grade child what would you do? (Click the link and answer the question over there.)

6.) I’m looking forward to my brother and my father coming to visit next month. It was kind of a last minute trip put together on their part but that’s ok because I’m excited to see them and they are always welcome at my house. Don even got in on the act and was able to take a vacation day while they are here.

7.) The girls are really enjoying Sparks and Cubbies this year. I love helping out with Cubbies! Even though Kinsley was sick last week I was still able to volunteer. I am forever grateful to have my health and to be able to cherish these times with my kids. Even though Kinsley missed last Wednesday she is raring to go with her bible verses. She is like a little sponge with her memorization. Fiona is starting to get the hang of it now that we have a little routine going on how she can say her verses.

8.) I’m still getting my groove on in the exercise department. I would just prefer to post updates when I’ve got something positive to share! What that means is inches gone or lots of dents hammered into the scale. Overall I do feel healthier and stronger and that’s what matters most!

9.) I’m getting really tired of people asking me if my daughter is in pre-school and then when I tell them she is not they just assume I am homeschooling. No, she is not in pre-school. No, I am not homeschooling. Her job right now is to be with me. The goal for her right now is to play and focus on having fun and being a kid.

10.) I belong to Jesus.


  1. Welcome to the Ten on Tuesday crowd! Loved it. And loved all the pictures you put with it! :)AND I love love love your #9!

  2. In addition to #9 I would probably have to say that I'm pretty tired of MOMS who think parenting is a competition to see who can do what first. So over it. Every family is different. No two kids are alike. We all have different needs. And just because I'm not doing what you're doing doesn't mean you are the god of parenting over me. lol

    I think I really like this Ten on Tuesday. So glad you enjoyed all the pictures Tina. I am really enjoying your blog. Thanks for leaving a comment on mine. I really appreciate that.


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