September 20, 2010

Play and Be Free Sweet K

She is so good about playing by herself and using her imagination. Play time doesn't always have to be structured and organized. Sometimes it's okay to be free to just play by yourself.

The little sweetheart is taking care of her baby. She has built a fire with sticks and has packed her lunch.

I got all of the summer clothes put away. You know.. things like tank tops and stuff that doesn't really get worn in the fall and winter. I did leave out a few jean shorts because I know we will still have some warm days left.

Yesterday it was cool but it felt so good. Today it's nice and warm. It feels like summer. I know this warm weather will not last for too much longer.

Now that I've made room for the winter clothes it's time to put away the sandals and flip flops. My little one loves digging through the winter shoes and as you can see, she has found herself a nifty pair of black leather boots.

It's good to let the kids dress themselves. It's okay to have mismatched socks and to wear things that don't make sense. They are kids. It's okay to let a kid be a kid. They won't be little for long. Go and play little Miss K. Play and be free!!


  1. You are RIGHT! Kids learn best through play and that should be their "job" until they go to school!! :-)


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