September 9, 2010

Pawn Stars and Chumlee

Have you heard of the show “Pawn Stars” on the History Channel? Don and I love that show! Every time we watch it we have to laugh. We enjoy all the characters on the show. It’s also pretty fun to watch people bring in their treasures to try and see how much they are worth and whether they will get the price they are hoping for. All the Pawn Stars drive a hard bargain. I didn’t realize until recently that their Pawn Shop was located in the heart of Las Vegas!

When we got to the shop there was a line of visitors waiting to get in. They let people enter into the building in groups. It really is a fairly small shop so I can see why they do that. It’s a lot smaller in real life than how it looks on TV. While there we were informed they would start shooting the new season soon.

Don got his picture taken with Chumlee. Chumlee is a lot smaller in person than he is on TV. He was a great sport! He took pictures with almost everyone in our group. The rest of the crew was at the Speedway that day so he must have been left behind to mind the shop? Had “The Old Man” been there I would have opted for a photograph with him. I bought a casino key chain chip with him on it instead.

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