September 7, 2010

My Smart Girl is Better

Kinsley says, “Hooking Horns!” and “Hook Um Horns!”

Lately Kinsley has been wearing her Texas hat everywhere that she goes. She even wore the hat to AWANA awards at church yesterday afternoon.

On Saturday Kinsley said, “Daddy if I puke in that I will crap my pull-ups.” The poor little sweetie pie was sick. We are not sure what was up with her. She had it coming out of both ends?

She was feeling much better yesterday but I still went ahead and kept her home from church. I also kept her home from the baby shower we were invited to. I decided if she was going to feel better to save her energy for AWANA awards at church.

Yesterday when Kinsley and I were getting dressed and I was telling her that she didn’t have to button the top button on her dress Kinsley said, “No Mommy! I want to button it so nobody will see my boobs.”

Smart Girl! : )

April 2010

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