September 10, 2010

My House Is Quiet – NICE!

The girls have swimming lessons this morning. Don just left to take them to their lessons and then I think they are doing some errand running afterward. I stayed behind because for the last couple of days I kicked my own butt at the gym. I am so sore that it hurts to walk. I have the routine engraved into my brain so I can try and repeat these last two days next week.

Yesterday Kinsley said something cute on the way to dinner. Kinsley said, “I love my brain.” I said, “I love your brain too Kinsley.”

Lately, Kinsley has been obsessed with her pants, how they look, and how they fit. They have to be pulled up all the way to the top almost touching her belly button. They also have to fit just right and if they don’t, a belt is in order whether there are belt loops on the pants or not. Her socks and shoes have to fit right too or there is a problem. I think the next time we go shopping we are going to look for suspenders.

Fiona’s kindergarten class made kites yesterday. Her teacher comes up with the coolest stuff for the kids to do. We have so much that we need to frame and put up all over the house. A lot of what she created this year she wants to put in her room. Now that it’s spring I can finally tackle her room!

Fiona has a closet full of clothes. In spite of the enormous selection she always chooses the same outfits to wear over and over again. I need to do something about that but I’m not quite sure how I’m going to handle that. I know I need to dig out the spring and summer clothes from last year to see which ones get handed down to Kinsley and which ones still fit Fiona.

The last time I saw Lauren was on Easter Day. She came over for approximately three hours to have dinner with us and to play with her sisters at the park.

I have no idea what she is going to do after this second semester in college. I’m hoping that her grades will be a complete opposite of what they were the first semester. A lot of the classes that she took the first semester she had to repeat the second semester. I hear a lot of students that start out in school find themselves on academic probation. Hopefully she was able to pull herself out of that and turn it around.

I don’t approve of her living arrangements. I don’t think it’s cool when her Dad takes her to get groceries for her dorm and the boyfriend pops out to help him bring up the bags. Seriously, it’s not our job to feed her and her boyfriend. Technically he’s not even supposed to be staying at the dorms full time. Isn’t that against the rules? I believe there is a rule about that but they don’t seem to be following the rules at the moment.

It seems like every time Lauren comes home to spend time with us (which isn’t very often) she can’t just enjoy her family without bringing him into the equation. He’s not welcome in our home. We have been waiting to see positive changes with those two but the more I see how they spend their time the more I am reassured that we made the right decision.

I think I’m going to clean out Lauren’s closet and use it for our off season clothes. I need to rotate the spring and summer clothes in and hang the fall and winter clothes somewhere. Usually I put Fiona and Kinsley’s winter stuff in a bin and store it in the basement but I think this time I can put that bin in Lauren’s closet. I’ll have to pull stuff out, move stuff around, but I think I can make it work. I may go ahead and free up some space in my own closet doing the same thing.

Hmm… that sounds like a plan!

See what happens when Don takes the girls out for swimming lessons and errand running? The house is quiet and it gives me a chance to really THINK about what I’m going to do next.

April 2010

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