September 4, 2010

My Cubbie Kinsley and My Spark Fiona

Fiona and Kinsley wrapped up their year ending AWANA. This was Kinsley’s first year in Cubbies and Fiona’s first year in Sparkies. This was my first year as a Cubbies helper. We LOVED it.

At the beginning of the program we missed a lot of Wednesdays because one of us was sick. I had a horrible spell with swine flu. That was not fun. Even though we missed a lot we managed to stay caught up on all of our Bible Verses. Now we have the Award Ceremony to look forward to.

I enjoyed being a Cubbies leader. I loved talking to the kids and getting them off to each of their stations: Reciting of Verses, Story Time, Snack Time and Play Time.

Reciting of Verses: My favorite station was the coloring station. I loved coloring with the kids and talking about how their week was going or what they thought of the verses they had memorized. Sometimes we would talk about how the verses they memorized impacted them. These kids are SMART! They know what’s going on and memorizing bible verses is serious business! They Love It!

I learned a lot from each child. Every child is different and they all have their various “ah hah” moments that worked to wind up teaching me that it’s not always about the world I live in. We all live in this world and we all see things differently. Even through the eyes of a child it’s different in so many wonderful ways.

Story Time: Story Time Rocked the House! We had two wonderfully talented story tellers that would come in every Wednesday to lead our little group in prayer, worship, and a story from the Cubbies Handbook. I think my most favorite moments were when the story teller would ask questions and looked for raised hands to share their answers. The answers were sweet, endearing, and many times were the thoughts and ideas from children that only worked to move me as to where each child was coming from. Being able to participate with Kinsley’s class made me realize even more just how much of this world Kinsley soaks up. She is like a little sponge just filling herself up with information and she is so open to having Jesus as her best friend it sometimes moves me to tears of joy.

Snack Time: Snack Time was fun for the kids too. I will admit I enjoyed snack time because that was the time I got to hang out with another volunteer’s baby boy. His name was Christian! What a sweet little snuggly bubbly baby. Every week that he was at snack time it felt like he was even bigger than the last time. It reminded me of how quickly babies grow. This little one’s Daddy will be coming home from Iraq in May so I am Happy that Christian’s Family will be all together very soon.

As for the snacks … um they were Yummo!? LOL I don’t know how they did it but the kiddos always zipped through snack time. I think it was because they knew play time was next!?

Play Time: Play Time was the last part of the evening where the kids run loose, scream, yell, throw balls, and just have a blast playing with the other kids. They kinda go nuts in that room.

I’m pretty sure I want to be a Cubbies Volunteer again next year. I really like helping out on Wednesday nights as long as we are all healthy. I hope the next AWANA season will be free and clear of illnesses. Who knows, maybe I will get to help out in the same room as this year. I can’t wait to see what the kids will teach me next year!

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