September 6, 2010

Happy Sweet 16 Lauren

I can’t believe my baby girl is super sweet 16 today. Life is definitely but a dream and we are all on the boat rowing over and over.

Don has been off since yesterday and we are just taking the rest of the week to celebrate her birthday.

We’re having a huge bash out at Vala’s Pumpkin Patch tomorrow afternoon. Lauren invited about 80 of her friends from school.

Right now (I wrote this yesterday) they are off having a Father/Daughter afternoon. He went and pulled her out of classes early so they could go and get her drivers license and then go and talk to our insurance agent.

Yep, she’s driving now. It’s all official. Since she had Driver’s Education out at the Safety and Health Council over the summer, all she has to do it walk into the DMV, turn in the paperwork, snap her photo, and she gets her first valid and legal drivers license.

I can’t believe she’s going to be driving. I can’t believe she is turning 16. I can’t believe she will be graduating from High School next year. I can’t believe she will be starting college soon.

We had a bit of advice that we had written out for her on one of her more humorous birthday cards. It goes kinds like this:

1. Always put God first and the rest will follow

2. Keep away from bad influences

3. Concentrate on your studies first - play later

4. Do not tolerate mean and unreasonable people

What advice would you give my 16 year old? What advice have you given your 16 year old? What advice would you give somebody that was getting closer to spreading their wings?

October 2007

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