September 16, 2010

Fort Cody, Swimming and Hershey Nebraska

The sky yesterday was a lot different from the cloud-filled sky of the day before but still beautiful.

Yesterday I took the girls to check out Fort Cody. Fort Cody is located in North Platte, Nebraska and it’s right off the freeway next to good old Village Inn. Fort Cody is the home of Buffalo Bill. It’s open all year round, has a free old west museum, you can see Buffalo Bill’s wild west show in miniature, and it also happens to be Nebraska’s largest souvenir and western gift store. I didn’t know that!

Outside in the backyard of this place there was a lot of running around done on the part of the girls. Fiona and Kinsley were checking out the jail house. Fiona didn’t want to believe it was a real live jail so she just pretended. I told her not to get used to it and always do what’s right and you’ll never have to wind up in jail or in trouble with the law.

Inside the gift shop the girls tried on some cowgirl hats. We left those behind and surprisingly they did not throw a fit when they figured out I wasn’t going to buy anything from the store. I was pretty surprised at how well behaved they were. I think it might have had something to do with the fact that I told them they could go swimming at the hotel next. They have only been asking me every day since we were on the road. So back to the hotel we went to enjoy the pool!

All that is needed for a little mini vacation is a hotel and a swimming pool! A foreign pool will do the trick every time! The girls swam all afternoon and wore themselves out.

Yep! That’s what I did while the girls were wearing themselves out. I put my feet up, texted on my phone a little, and read a good book. We stayed at the pool all afternoon until Don was finished working.

I had no idea there was a Hershey in Nebraska. It’s about 13 miles from North Platte. You could go for a run starting from one to get to the other and it would be the distance of a half marathon! I think I saw 1 stop light in Hershey. The girls were so tired from swimming all afternoon that we just decided to go for a drive to see everything that we could see because they were passed out in the car and we could actually enjoy the peace and quiet of the drive itself.

I’m not sure what we will see today. We’ll head out and go for a short drive through town again. I was informed that Don’s job is going so well that he might actually be done tomorrow. That means our trip might be cut short and we may be headed back to town tomorrow afternoon. I guess I’d better take the girls out and try to see the rest of what there is to see.

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