September 16, 2010

For Aunt Budja on Mother’s Day

I don’t have an updated photo of all the cousins together so the Christmas one will have to do.

From left to right: J (4), Princess F (4), Miss K (2), E (1), and C (5)

C, J and E are my niece and nephew. They gave me the sweetest Aunt card for Mother’s Day.

You know how my girls call their big sister “Ree” ? Well, my niece and nephew have been calling me “Budja” since C was a baby.

This is family from Don’s side..

We had the best time on Saturday.

We all got together here at our house to celebrate Mother’s Day and do something special for Connie (Don’s Mom).

It was great time. I regret not taking pictures that day.

It was nice to get the Aunt Card for Mother’s Day. I did not know that we can celebrate Aunt’s on Mother’s Day and felt bad that I did not get something for Kim.

Kim if you are reading - I Love You! :)

May 2008

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