September 6, 2010

First Quarter Progress Report & Homecoming

I am so proud of my daughter. She is doing so well in school. Because of her academic accomplishments and where she is at with her GPA she gets to start taking the ACT in December. I am praying for her to get the highest scores possible to that colleges will offer her some sort of scholarship. We can’t afford to send her to college so hopefully her academics will speak for her.

Here’s what she’s got for her first quarter progress report as a junior. I am so proud of her! PRE CALC/TRIG 1 = C, MULTIMEDIA 1 = A, HONORS ENGLISH 5 = B, HONORS PHYSICS 1 = A+, AP WORLD HISTORY 1 = A, SOCIOLOGY = A, and HONORS SPANISH 5 = A. She is currently sitting on a Total GPA of 3.7813 and is ranked #49 out of 435 Juniors in her graduating class. So basically she has about 30 students to knock out of her way!!

The above photo as taken on Saturday before she went to her Homecoming dance at school. I still can not believe that she will be a Senior next year. I’m telling you, once they hit high school it just flies right on by to the point where you wonder where you’ve been this entire time.

September 2007

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