September 6, 2010

Fiona's Baby Obsession

Fiona has been asking a lot of questions about Charla’s baby and also wondering when we are going to give her and Kinsley a baby brother too. For the record I am done trying to make babies but we sure do enjoy everyone else’s babies!

One day Fiona said, “Mom did Charla get her baby yet? When is it coming?”

Thank you Charla for allowing Fiona to feel the baby kick and also for letting her know that you are not in any pain. She always asks me if you are in pain. She’s always worried about whether or not the baby has enough room in there.

Fiona was so excited for Charla’s baby shower that she spilled the beans to Megan, Charla’s daughter, about what we picked up for her baby brother from the store. She came home very upset from church yesterday. When I asked her what was wrong she started to cry. She said that she told Megan about Charla’s surprise and that she felt bad about it because I had asked her not to so that it would remain a surprise.

Come to find out, Fiona and Megan shared a knuckle promise not to tell. At the baby shower I asked Megan if she spilled the beans to her Mom and she said, “No Way!” I told Megan she was a good friend to keep Fiona’s secret so that her Mom could be surprised.

When we were leaving the baby shower yesterday Fiona said, “But Mom if it’s a baby shower then how come the baby didn’t come out?”

April 2010

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