September 7, 2010

The Day Before Labor Day

Fall is almost here. That's the field connected to Boys Town. God paints a Beautiful picture every day.

I've never walked across the foot bridge before. It's nice!

I wouldn't mind living there when we retire.

One foot in Iowa and the other in Nebraska.


My Nebraska Bug-eater as he enjoys his post birthday walk across the foot bridge.

More Artsy Stuff

The Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge

Those are the cables that hold the foot bridge up. Off in the distance is where the new college world series stadium is located.

The end of a beautiful day!

Not bad for a phone camera, eh?

Did you notice the girls are not in any of the pictures? That’s because their grandma came over to spend the entire afternoon and evening with them. She completely caught us off guard. What a nice surprise. That gave Don and I five hours to go out and do whatever we wanted to without the kids. We actually got to talk to one another without any interruptions. Moments like these are hard to come by once you start having kids.

We started our adventure at Kohl’s. Who wouldn’t enjoy a little bit of clothes shopping without having to run after kids or lecture kids to pipe down? After Kohl’s we hit BAM (Books-A-Million). I found a book for the girls for a dollar and a new 16 month planner that starts in September 2010 and goes all the way to December 2011. (Yes! I already have dates filling up fast for next year.) After BAM we drove down to the Old Market, parked, and went inside The Upstream Brewing Company for one adult beverage and some appetizers. Yummo! Their food is excellent. I also noticed that Texas Tech won their game. After the Upstream Brewing Company we drove over to Gallup University, parked, and walked the foot bridge. That was my first time seeing the foot bridge and walking on it.

We ended the evening by heading home, saying goodbye to Grandma, putting the kids to bed, and watching The Book of Eli.

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