September 13, 2010

9 Year Anniversary of 9/11

I was obsessed with 9/11 this week. I can’t help it. It’s what I do. I’ve been busy putting together a 9/11 tribute page on Domestic Divapalooza. If you have a story about 9/11 or just want to tell us where you were, what you were doing, or what you might have been thinking that day I would absolutely love a contribution to that page. The stories have been pouring in and I have been busy with it. I have been glued to Fox News and the History Channel. I flipped it to CNN once but they were talking about the 9/11 conspiracy theories and I didn’t quite appreciate that so I knew it was time to move on.

We had a nice weekend. We spent the entire weekend together as a family and I was grateful for the beauty of the weather and thankful that my family was together and safe. Lauren has moved down to Georgia but I knew deep down that she was okay. I hope you will keep Lauren in your prayers that she will make good choices along with the people around her.

The girls started their swimming lessons on Saturday. Kinsley is still in pre-school level 3 because of her age. Once she turns 5 she will be able to move up to the youth levels. She is ready! Fiona lucked out. She is the only one in her Saturday morning class so she gets the entire fall season one-on-one with her instructor. It’s kind of like having a private lesson without the extra charge. She is in the youth level 4 group and they are working on their form and swimming laps the entire length of the pool. She loves it!

After the swimming lessons we took the kids to eat at Le Peep. They have the yummiest breakfasts that fill you right up. I snapped a photo of the window they had on their wall. What a cool idea!!

I was proud to see all of our businesses in the Omaha area flying the flag at half mast out of respect for all the lives that were lost on 9/11. I believe that we should always remember 9/11, the people that lost their lives, and the family members that were left behind.

It’s important to arm yourself with information and do your homework on Islam. It’s not the peaceful religion that everyone says it is. Islam is about power and control. These extremists will do anything that it takes to destroy me and you. They refer to us as the infidels.

I am disturbed that here we are 9 years later and there is a big debate as to whether or not a mosque and/or Muslim community center should be built down in lower Manhattan so closed to where our brothers and sisters died. It’s disgraceful to me not to mention disrespectful. Just because you have the right to do something doesn’t mean you should.

After lunch we decided to head home and tackle some chores around the house. We then decided to pile in the van and head out to Standing Bear Lake. The weather could not have been more beautiful.

Protecting the Trees.

At that moment I realized that Standing Bear Lake was where I came up with the idea to give Lauren her name when I was pregnant with her. At the time I had no idea I was going to have a little girl. I just knew that I wanted a little girl first and that her name should be Lauren. The entire time I was pregnant with Lauren everyone kept telling me I was going to have a boy and it kept making me mad. By the time the last month rolled around I couldn’t stand it any longer. I called my obgyn up and demanded that he tell me what I was having. He tried to get me to hold on a little longer because I was so close to having her but I just couldn’t wait.

Sushi had lots of fun at the lake.

Kinsley and Sushi.

I can't believe Kinsley is almost 5 years old.

"Bull Bison" by Lyndon Fayne Pomeroy - This sculpture is a gift to the city of Omaha from Ronco Construction Company and Linde Construction Company. (Ron, Linda, Zakary and Ira Olsen)

9-11-01: Thank You Melissa for sending this to my phone. I ♥ U. Please pass this on. It's been 9 yrs. In remembrance of all the people who lost there lives on 9-11-01.

I can't believe Fiona is almost 7 years old.

This is the other side of Standing Bear Lake up on the hill. It was very pretty.

That's the back of Sushi's head.

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