September 3, 2010

4.625 %

We refinanced our house last month and closed on the new deal last night. We must have signed and initialed at least a hundred papers. I forgot that it feels like you're signing your whole life away when you close on a house.

We lowered our interest rate a little over 2 points and that lowered our monthly mortgage payment by about $100.00 over the next 26 years. Hmm, that will put me at 66 years of age by the time we pay off our house. Um, I don't think so. We are not going to take 26 years to pay this house off. Not if I can help it.

I think my favorite part about closing last night was that we got to do all the notary and signing work in our own home at our kitchen table. Nice, eh? It sure does beat having to go in and sit in a board room while a bunch of stuffy people examine us to make sure we are signing everything properly.

I'm hoping that not having a house payment will one day feel like it does when you don't have a car note. I'm looking forward to that day. Unless God has different plans for us we won't be moving any time soon.

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